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How Tarot and Astrology are same 

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Imagine peering into the cosmos and gaining insights about your life’s journey. Both Tarot card reading and Hindu astrology offer windows into the mysteries of our existence. In this blog, we’ll uncover the intriguing parallels between these two ancient practices—Tarot and Astrology—and how they share a common thread in guiding us through life’s labyrinth.

Tarot Card Reading and Birth Charts: A Cosmic Connection

Just as Hindu astrology creates birth charts to map out planetary positions at the time of your birth, Tarot card reading taps into the cosmic energy surrounding you. Both practices offer personalized insights, revealing hidden aspects of your personality and potential paths.

Tarot And Astrology

In Tarot card reading, each card carries symbolism and meaning. Similarly, Hindu astrology deciphers planets and houses, unveiling layers of significance in your life. Both systems invite us to explore the depths of our existence beyond the surface.

Navigating Life's Questions: Tarot Card Reading and Astrology

Tarot decks are like a map of life’s journey, while astrology charts offer guidance for decision-making. Whether drawing a card or studying your birth chart, you’re seeking answers to life’s questions, hoping to unravel the cosmic mysteries that shape your path.

The Cosmic Dance: Tarot Card Reading and Hindu Astrology

Just as Tarot decks are composed of cards each carrying unique energies, Hindu astrology divides time into cosmic cycles influenced by planets. Both systems recognize the cosmic dance that influences our lives and offer tools to understand and align with these energies.


In the realm of Tarot card reading and Hindu astrology, we find a shared fascination with the cosmos and its influence on our lives. Whether drawing from a Tarot deck or exploring your birth chart, you’re tapping into ancient wisdom that has guided seekers for generations. Both practices invite you to embrace the mysteries of existence, revealing insights that can illuminate your path on this cosmic journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What mythology are Tarot cards from?

Tarot cards have origins in various mythologies and cultures, including Egyptian, Christian, and Jewish symbolism. The imagery draws from a blend of historical and mystical influences.

How accurate is tarot reading?

The accuracy of tarot reading varies based on the reader’s skill, intuition, and the energy of the moment. Tarot offers insights, guidance, and reflections, but outcomes depend on your choices and actions.

What religion is Tarot tied to?

Tarot is not tied to a specific religion. While it has connections to spiritual practices and symbolism from various belief systems, it is often used for personal growth, reflection, and divination.

Can I read my own tarot?

Yes, you can read your own tarot cards. Many people find it beneficial for self-reflection and gaining insights. However, it’s essential to maintain objectivity and avoid reading when emotions are clouding your judgment.

Is Tarot only for predicting the future?

Tarot is more than just predicting the future. It’s a tool for self-discovery, gaining clarity, and exploring different perspectives on life situations. While future insights can arise, the focus is often on personal growth and understanding.

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