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Bihar Train Accident 2023: Train 12506

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Bihar Train Accident 2023: Train 12506 Derails Killing 4 and Injuring Several

Accident Details

On October 11 2023 at around 9:35 PM the ‘North East Express train derailed near Raghunathpur railway station in Bihar’s Buxar district. The train which was en route to Kamakhya Junction in Assam’s Guwahati was carrying over 1000 passengers.

According to initial reports 3 coaches of the train derailed including 2 AC III Tier coaches and 1 general coach. 1 AC III Tier coach overturned while the other AC III Tier coach and the general coach derailed partially.


The accident resulted in the death of 4 passengers and injuries to several others (100 as reported). Rescue teams rushed the injured passengers to nearby hospitals for treatment.

Cause of the Accident

The cause of the accident is still under investigation. Preliminary reports suggest that a track fault may have caused it.

Rescue and Relief Operations

Immediately after the accident the Indian Railways launched rescue and relief operations. Accident relief vehicles, medical teams and officials were rushed to the site. The injured passengers were evacuated from the derailed coaches and taken to hospitals.

The Railways also announced compensation for victims of the accident. The authorities will provide 5 lakh to each next of kin of the deceased passengers, while they will determine the compensation for injured passengers based on the severity of their injuries.

Train Disruptions Following Raghunathpur Derailment: Cancellations and Partial Cancellations

According to the East Central Railway zone, the following trains have been cancelled or partially cancelled due to the derailment of 12506 (ANVT-KYQ) EXP at Raghunathpur on 11.10.2023:

According to the Indian Railways, 10 trains were cancelled and 21 trains were diverted after the Bihar Train 12506 accident (North East Express – Delhi to Guwahati).

Cancelled trains:

Train NameTrain Number
Patna-Puri Special03230
Sasaram-Ara Special03620
Bhabua Road Express Special03617
Patna-DDU Memu Pass Spl03203
Patna-Buxar Memu Pass Special03375


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Bihar Train Accident


Partially cancelled trains:

Train NameTrain NumberPartial Cancellation Details
Patna-DDU Express13209Will run up to Ara
DDU-Patna Express13210Will also run up to Ara


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According to the East Central Railway zone, the following trains have been diverted after the Bihar train 12506 accident:

Train NameTrain NumberDiverted Route
Pune-Danapur SF Express12149Ara-Sasaram-Chhapra-Hajipur
Patliputra SF Express12141Ara-Sasaram-Chhapra-Hajipur
Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express12424Ara-Sasaram-Chhapra-Hajipur
Vikramshila Express12368Ara-Sasaram-Chhapra-Hajipur
Kamakhya Express15623Ara-Sasaram-Chhapra-Hajipur
Guwahati Express15633Ara-Sasaram-Chhapra-Hajipur
Rajendra Nagar Terminal Tejas Rajdhani Express12310Ara-Sasaram-Chhapra-Hajipur
Bhagalpur Garib Rath Express22406Ara-Sasaram-Chhapra-Hajipur
Anvt Rdp Express22488Ara-Sasaram-Chhapra-Hajipur
Pune-Danapur SF Express12150Ara-Sasaram-Chhapra-Hajipur
Patliputra SF Express12142Ara-Sasaram-Chhapra-Hajipur
Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express12425Ara-Sasaram-Chhapra-Hajipur
Vikramshila Express12369Ara-Sasaram-Chhapra-Hajipur
Kamakhya Express15624Ara-Sasaram-Chhapra-Hajipur
Guwahati Express15634Ara-Sasaram-Chhapra-Hajipur
Rajendra Nagar Terminal Tejas Rajdhani Express12309Ara-Sasaram-Chhapra-Hajipur
Bhagalpur Garib Rath Express22405Ara-Sasaram-Chhapra-Hajipur
Anvt Rdp Express22487Ara-Sasaram-Chhapra-Hajipur


Bihar Train Accident


Please note that this list is subject to change, so it is always best to check with the Indian Railways website or app for the latest information on train cancellations and diversions.


The Bihar Train Accident 2023 is a tragic reminder of the need for improved safety measures on Indian Railways. The Railways must take all necessary steps to prevent such accidents from happening in the future.


Q. What is the latest update on the Bihar Train Accident 2023?

A. As of October 12 2023 the death toll in the Bihar Train Accident 2023 has risen to four. Nearby hospitals are treating the injured passengers. The Railways is investigating the cause of the accident and has announced compensation for the victims.

Q. What is the helpline number for the Bihar Train Accident 2023?

A. The Railways has issued the following helpline numbers for the Bihar Train Accident 2023:

  • PNBE – 9771449971
  • DNR – 8905697493
  • ARA – 8306182542
  • COML CNL – 7759070004

Q. Who is eligible for compensation from the Railways for the Bihar Train Accident 2023?

A. The next of kin of the deceased passengers and the injured passengers are eligible for compensation from the Railways. The amount of compensation will depend on the nature of the injuries.

Q. How can I claim compensation for the Bihar Train Accident 2023?

A. To claim compensation for the Bihar Train Accident 2023 you need to contact the Railways and submit a compensation claim form. You can download the form from the Railways’ website or obtain it from the nearest railway station.

Q. What are the steps being taken by the Railways to prevent train accidents in the future?

A. The Railways is taking a number of steps to prevent train accidents in the future including:

  • Regular inspection and maintenance of tracks and rolling stock
  • Installation of safety devices such as track circuits and level crossing gates
  • Training of railway staff on safety procedures
  • Public awareness campaigns on railway safety

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